Combating Soy Myths

Posted By Admin on January 2 nd 2017

Planning to cook a scrumptious meal and searching for healthy, yet tasty food recipes? Yes, it is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re cooking a vegan meal. The common thought is that the best tasting food somewhere always incorporates meat, but you know there are options you can replace meat with, like gluten free soupshealthy fruit dishesvegan desserts, and other veggie foods. The challenge is not only in looking for the easy vegetarian recipes online, but also in combating numerous myths about vegan meat, that is, soy. Over the years, researchers have tried to debunk the various myths circulating soy foods, but still many people find it tough to make the right decision. Here, we’ll try to help you make a better decision for yourself regarding soy consumption.

All healthy eating guides recommend a balanced diet. This reaffirms the notion that everything is good for you only in moderate amounts. This further asserts that soy consumption, like consumption of any other food, is good if not consumed in excess.

A common myth surrounding soy consumption is that it causes cancer to spread, especially breast cancer. The fact is that research on this subject is continuously evolving. The American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research suggest that women diagnosed with breast cancer can safely consume soy foods, and a couple servings per day won’t harm them. So the next time you want to enjoy some special vegan food, you have one less thing to worry about.

Another common myth regarding soy consumption is that it leads to feminizing effects in men. The fact, however, is that soy foods do not affect the testosterone levels. This means that males can safely consume soy foods in regulated amounts, like a couple servings per day. So all you men out there can relax a little and buy vegan food online or prepare special vegetarian recipes, or vegan ones, without sweating about threats to your manhood!

The next common myth is that GMO (genetically modified) and GE (genetically engineered) crops are unsafe. Research has shown that crops derived through these methods are safe for human consumption and also for the environment in general. But another myth closely revolving around this one is that all soy is GMO. The fact is that many non-GMO labeled soy foods are available in markets and at online food stores, like tofu, tempeh, and soy milk. Also, all Chef-Man products are non-GMO.

Apart from these above stated myths, there are more misconceptions and myths that float around the rather healthy soy foods. Top food stores now carry varieties of soy foods to suit different taste palates. Online food orders now boast of special vegan menus. Online healthy food recipes try to draw out the chef in you by showing how you can turn a simple vegan dinner into a fun or classy one. Soy foods have started a natural healthy food movement, the vegan movement, which is growing rapidly.

What do you think about these myths and facts? Have you ever combated any myth yourself? What are your views about soy foods? Share your thoughts with us. Also, feel free to share your innovative soy food recipes with us. You can read more about soy food facts on our website or check out these links:

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