Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle: Start with Meatless Mondays

Posted By Admin on January 2 nd 2017

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible too.Take the first step and then a few more and you’ll feel the difference. Lookfor veggie food recipes and gluten free menus, and various healthy eating guides would come toyour rescue. Going meatless may appear a challenge, but only till you succumbto meats. Once you understand the benefits of a vegan diet, you’ll question whyyou didn’t start earlier. Millions around the globe have adopted the veganlifestyle and now endorse naturalhealthy food options. The list is growing and includes celebritiestoo, like, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Cheeke, and James Cameron.

Human tendency, in general, is to first thinkabout oneself. There’s nothing wrong in that. Only if you are fit and at peacewith yourself, can you think about the world. Going meatless is advantageousfor your body and for the environment. Think about yourself and in doing so,you’ll eventually churn the environment friendly mill too. And one day, evenyou might be endorsing the vegan dessertrecipes or posting online healthy vegetarianrecipes. Since vegetarian entreescan pose a challenge, especially if you are a meat lover, the easier way is tostart out with a plant-based diet (check out our vegan meat products) once a week, say onMondays.

Why Mondays? Just like the first step towardany goal achievement is important, similarly Monday being the first day of theweek, it can help lift your spirit and leave a positive impact on your health. Sincemost people start diet regimes on Mondays, you would feel like a part of thatmovement. Studies show that engaging in healthy behaviors on Monday can helpsustain the pattern throughout the week. You can now probably relate this tothe fact that many bosses raise eyebrows if their employees take Mondays off.Monday is like the trendsetter for the rest of the week. So kick start your Mondaywith healthy fruit dishes and optfor gluten free soups, check out veggieBBQBites recipes or special veganfood menu at your favorite restaurant. Since we’ve now established theimportance of Monday, let’s explore the importance of going meatless.

Research shows that consuming vegetarian food diet with limitedamount of meat can enhance longevity. Red and processed meat consumptionincreases the likelihood of various diseases, like cancer and cardiovasculardiseases. One study concludes that 2.5 servings or more of whole grains per daycan reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases by 21 percent.

The risk of type 2 diabetes can be reducedby adopting a plant-based diet. Red and processed meats, specially, are high incalories and cutting back on them can help you maintain a healthy weight. Thiscan in turn shrink the probability of this disease. Search for veganrecipes online and prepare a wholesome vegetarian dinner that satiates while also maintaining good health.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle can also boostthe overall nutritional quality of your diet and help curb obesity.  Plant-based sources of diet include beans andpeas that are high in fiber, protein, magnesium, folate, zinc, iron, and otherminerals. Also, such diets decrease the amount of the overall fat consumed byan individual. Since such a diet constitutes a lower calorie intake, but stillprovides necessary nutrients and fullness, this helps curtail the problem ofobesity. Studies confirm that plant-based, vegetarian diets result in lower bodyweight and body mass index. Top foodstores now carry multitude vegan options to choose from.

Follow the meatless Monday routine, opt forvegan or vegetarian dishes, and you’llfeel happy about your bit toward the environment too. Lesser meat productionleads to a significant decrease in the emission of green house gases. Also, thewater needs of livestock are higher than that of vegetables and grains. Hence, areduction in the consumption of animal protein would ultimately result in lowerwater consumption.

Are you ready to practice meatless Mondaysand prove that the best tasting foodcan be vegan too? What do you feel about adopting a vegan lifestyle? Share yourthoughts with us. Learn more about Meatless Monday here.

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